Writing is easy:
All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.
~ Gene Fowler

I offer expert editing services for publishers and authors. For a list of recent projects, please click here.

Whether you are a published author, academic researcher, aspiring essayist, student, or business executive, you need to have your work reviewed–and often reviewed many times–before it is published. Discover the holes in your memoir, unearth the inconsistencies in your mass market suspense beach read, reveal the best way to present your arguments, or catch the unnecessary commas in your grant proposal. Regardless of your goal, your writing will rise to the level you wish to achieve. Through a collaborative conversation, which may include both on-paper/online revisions and face-to-face meetings, your editing experience will be tailored to your needs and values.

If your piece needs some polishing, I can do a basic copyedit. Close attention will be paid to clarity, sense, word choice, redundancies, and inconsistencies in tone or narrative voice. In addition, revisions for spelling errors, typos, punctuation, capitalization, and awkward sentences or transitions will be noted.

Line Editing
If your manuscript needs a more aggressive edit, I can help to renovate it. You will receive suggestions and questions incorporated directly into the text, and more substantial revisions will be described in an overview summary document that will accompany your revised manuscript.

If your piece is close to perfect already, you can choose a light touch, final “proof” review. This level of editing usually follows a full copyedit. I will correct formatting, typos, punctuation, capitalization, and anything that jumps out as extremely awkward.

If you’ve written a nonfiction book, I’d be happy to chat about providing an index.


2 responses to “Services

  1. patrick crowl

    great job! will keep my eyes open here or elsewhere…
    –hope all is well…patrick.

  2. Joni Cole

    I run the Writer’s Center of White River Junction, VT and Deb is my go-to referral when someone needs quality editing. I have heard many, many high praises for her work with writers.

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